The Best Hotels in Eldoret

Whether it’s for work or play, finding a suitable hotel in Eldoret is crucial to how your stay goes. So, with the help of a few friends who’ve lived in Eldoret, I went in search of hotels with the same kind of comforts you would find in the big cities.

We found 8 that we can honestly recommend for the next time you’re in Eldoret. While Eka Hotel Eldoret wins on every front, each of these hotels have courteous service, comfortable rooms, cost what they’re worth and, most importantly, have a good reputation with their past patrons.

Have a look and let us know in the comments if these hotels lived up to our recommendation.

Quick Guide: The 6 Best Hotels in Eldoret

Eka Hotel Eldoret

Eka Hotel Eldoret

  • Well equipped gym
  • Modern conference and meeting rooms, and a business centre
  • Night club – The Bingwa Lounge

Eka Hotel is the all-round best hotel we found in Eldoret. The hotel is located in Rupa mall, giving you access to options like alternative dining areas and shops. 

Eka’s atmosphere suits both business and leisure. The rooms are large and uncluttered, with 5 classifications ranging from normal rooms up to presidential suites. The Farmhouse Restaurant serves continental meals and the White Highlands Bar and Terrace is a classy place to unwind at the end of the day.

Boma Inn  Eldoret

Boma Inn

  • Swimming pool
  • BBQ facilities
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Profits fund the Kenya Red Cross

Boma Inn owes a lot of its appeal to its calm and green environment. And the hotel carries this on within its wall, with homely rooms that can be fitted with a small corner office on request. 

The restaurant has a variety of meals available, cooked and served by the most courteous and welcoming staff. There’s also a swimming pool, a gym and a health club and spa.

Poa Place Resort Eldoret

Poa Place Resort

  • Lots of activities to do within the resort
  • Spa
  • Event grounds
  • Kids’ playground

Poa Place Resort has a very colourful and fun look to it. There’s a lot to do here, including an amusement park, a wildlife sanctuary and a cultural resort that showcases traditional houses of various Kenyan communities.

The accommodation is cottage-style with a blend of traditional and modern furnishing. And even though a lot is going on, the lodging area remains acceptably quiet. The restaurant serves local and continental dishes and there’s a nightclub to dance away the calories.

Naiberi Resort hotel in Eldoret

Naiberi Resort

  • Excellent location and setting
  • Swimming pool

Designed with earthy tones to look like it just sprung from the ground, Naiberi Resort is a gem. Everything from the rooms to the common areas to the pools and ponds feels like they belong in the past. The rooms are spacious and even though the beds look ancient, they are comfortable.

The bar and restaurant look like they were carved out of a cave. There’s a bonfire right at the centre of the restaurant where they serve local and English dishes. And the staff are amazing at accommodating every need.

Goshen Inn Eldoret

Goshen Inn Eldoret

  • Tea or coffee maker in every room

As a budget-friendly hotel, Goshen has a few minor things that are not consistent. You might have bathroom slippers in one room and not in another, for example. But on the whole, Goshen Inn is a fine stay for the price.

The rooms are spacious enough even though they are a bit narrow, the bathrooms are just ok, and the conference halls are large but unremarkable. 

What Goshen Inn has going for it is its food and service, both favourable and delightful. The local dishes here are very well made.

Noble Hotel & Conference Centre Eldoret

Noble Hotel & Conference Centre

  • Swimming pool

The best thing about Noble Hotel is the food. The restaurant serves a wide range of international dishes from Italian to Scottish to Greek, and, of course, local.

The rest of the hotel needs a bit of work. Half the staff is fantastic, the other half doesn’t care. Rooms are alright but you never know what state you’ll find them in when you check-in.

We’ve included Noble Hotel in this list because when they’re up to it, it’s a pretty great place. And the food. 

Sirikwa Hotel in Eldoret

Sirikwa Hotel

  • Swimming pool

Sirikwa is found right within Eldoret, making it the most conveniently located hotel on this list. There is nothing excess here. The rooms are standard with standard furnishings that won’t awe, but won’t disappoint either. The restaurant is ok, serving stylised local dishes and drinks.

The gardens a good for a stroll and the swimming pool is big enough to do proper laps.

However, the service can be sub-standard compared to the other hotels here. The staff know Sirikwa is (barely) a 3-star hotel and kinda act like it. The hotel is not horrible, but its saving grace is its location.

Eldoret Wagon Hotel

Eldoret Wagon Hotel

  • Close to Town Centre

Eldoret Wagon Hotel could be the hotel for you if you’re a backpacking student on a budget. It’s one of those hotels where you could miss breakfast if you’re a few minutes late. A lot of stories could come from the experience but if you’re looking for comfort, this isn’t it.

The hotel is located very close to Eldoret town and the staff go out of their way to make you comfortable. But the food, the rooms, the bathrooms and the facilities are at best basic.

How to Get to Eldoret

The quickest way to get to Eldoret from either Nairobi, Kisumu or the Coast is by flight. The cost of the flight depends on the day, time and tourist season in which you’re travelling but a flight can go for as low as $45

You can also travel by personal car, with the drive from Nairobi to Eldoret taking about 4.5 hours. A bus from Nairobi to Eldoret takes about 7 hours and costs about $15. The drive is quite pleasant with a lot of scenery to take in.

6 Things to Do in Eldoret

Spend some time at Koromosho Falls

A beautiful place for a picnic, a hike, or just to get away and be at one with nature.

Or Kapsimotwa Gardens

Just as beautiful for a chill day out with a lot of green around and probably the freshest air in the country (I exaggerate).

Visit the Athletics Training Centre

You know those Kenyan runners who dominate long-distance races at major athletic events? Learn how they do it at the ATC.

Game Drive at Eldoret Nature and Culture Centre (Poa Place)

There are a lot of unique birds here and a few lions among other animals – an unmissable stop.

Or Have a Spa Day

There’s a great Spa located at Poa Place with massage therapy, hair treatment, manicures and pedicures.

Play a Round of Golf

There’s a private member’s club called the Eldoret Club that you can try to get into, but if you can’t, try Nandi Bear’s Club though it is a bit of a distance away (about an hour and a half)

Final Words

We’ll try to find more hotels for this list but for now, these are the 8 best hotels in Eldoret in our opinion. The budget hotels need a lot of patience but they are the best in that price range. 

Good food, an awesome location, and facilities such as gyms went also went into our consideration. So, if you find a hotel you think should be on this list, let us know and we’ll check them out.

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