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Moving to Nairobi might be the best decision you ever make! It was for me anyway. But, like anything, if you arrive unprepared, Nairobi can be overwhelming and impenetrable. 

So, we put this page together as a collection of our best articles and guides to the city for first-timers and new arrivals. Read on to find out everything you need to know about moving to, and living in, the best city in East Africa!

The Basics

Nairobi Weather Guide – Learn what to expect from the weather in Nairobi, including the seasons and how to pack for them.  

Cost of Living in Nairobi – Find out how much it costs to live in Nairobi as a single expat.

Transport in Nairobi – if you can’t tell a bodaboda from a matutu, this is the guide for you. We’ll show you how to navigate Nairobi’s notorious traffic. 

Public Holidays in Kenya – Find out when every public holiday in Kenya occurs, so you can plan for long weekends out of the city. 

Kenya Visa Guide – Did you know there’s a secret 12 month multiple entry visa for Kenya? Learn about every visa and residence permit offered by the Kenyan government and how to apply. 

Working in Kenya

Coworking Spaces in Nairobi – Whether you’re a remote worker tired of the home office, or part of a small startup, find a coworking space near you with our list of the best in every neighborhood. 

Kenya for Digital Nomads – Everything you need to know about working remotely while traveling in Kenya: the best destinations, how to get around, what to expect, and much more. 

NGO Jobs in Kenya – We’ve picked the best websites to find impact and development-focused jobs in the country.

Nairobi’s Best Neighbourhoods

The Best Neighbourhoods to Live – Get a quick intro into the most popular neighbourhoods in the city and what to expect in each one. 

Westlands – The social and commercial hub of Nairobi, Westlands has it all: shopping, clubbing, excellent restaurants, and much more. 

Karen –  The former home of famed writer and failed coffee farmer Karen Blixen is one of Nairobi’s nicest suburbs, popular with high paid expats and wealthy Kenyans alike. So, naturally, it has many of the best restaurants and getaways in the city.  

Kilimani – Nairobi’s sprawling middle class has called Kilimani home for decades. It’s a neighborhood that’s constantly changing, has everything you need, and sits in the middle of everything. 

Nairobi CBD –  Most people wll tell you to stay far away from the CBD. We dsagree. Yes, you need to keep your wts about you, but you’ll also discover many of Narob’s best hdden gems. Thnk quirky museums, excellent coffee, and fascnatng history. 

Finding a Home in Nairobi

How to Find an Apartment in Nairobi – finding an affordable apartment in Nairobi can feel like a Herculean challenge. Units offered to expats are often overpriced and riddled with scams. Learn how to navigate the city’s notoriously murky property market and find the apartment of your dreams. Or, at least, your budget. 

Buying Furniture in Nairobi – The fun doesn’t stop once you’ve found a home, now you need to furnish it! We’ll save you considerable time, energy, and stress by guiding you through the whole process. 

Serviced Apartments in NairobiIf you value convenience above all else, and budget isn’t an issue, serviced apartments are a great way to mix the comforts of home with the luxury of a hotel. But be warned, you need deep pockets!

Moving Companies in Nairobi – If you’re already living in Nairobi, or you’re moving your entire life here from overseas, we’ll help you find a reputable, trustworthy, and professional moving company to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Money and Finances

The Best Apps for Living in Kenya – From mobile money to the essential dating apps, don’t come to Kenya without downloading these onto your phone first!

Beginner’s Guide to M-Pesa Mobile Money – M-Pesa money is probably the #1 way to pay for goods and services in Kenya. We’ve broken down everything you can do with M-Pesa, with step-by-step guides. 

Banking in Kenya – We’ll help you find the best banks in Kenya, understand how banking works in the country, and which finance apps will help you the most. 

Using PayPal in Kenya – PayPal is a handy tool for sending and receiving money in Kenya. Whether you need it for personal or business purposes, this guide will show you everything you need to know. 

Transferwise in Kenya – Transferwise is much less known than PayPal, but in my opinion, it’s far superior for sending and receiving money. Read this guide to find out why!

Health and Safety

Safety in Nairobi – A city doesn’t earn the nickname “Nairobery” for nothing. But is Nairobi as dangerous as everyone says? We don’t think so. And if you follow our tips, you’ll (probably) enjoy a (mostly) incident-free time here. 

Dental Clinics in Nairobi – Our quick directory of the best dental clinics in every neighbourhood, along with prices and insurance. 

The Best Hospitals in Nairobi – In case of an emergency, make sure you know which is the best medical facility close to you, and what to expect when you seek treatment. 

Kenyan Culture and History

Kenyan Food Guide – If you can’t tell you nyama choma from your sukuma wiki, this is the guide for you! Discover Kenya through the local cuisines and enjoy the country’s overlooked culinary details. 

Essential Kenyan History Books – If you want to understand modern-day Kenya, you need to learn about the country’s often tragic history. Learn how colonialism shaped the country, and the 

Travel in Kenya

The Best Day Trips From Nairobi – When you need an escape from the city, but still wanna sleep in your own bed, these day trips will provide the rest and adventure you need!

The Best Places to Visit in Mombasa – Mombasa is the gateway to the Kenyan coast, and a city full of history. Experience it all with our favourite sights, beaches, restaurants, and more. 

Kenya’s National Parks: A Quick Guide – Get the run down on every single national park in Kenya, from the ones you know (Massai Mara) to the ones you don’t (Malka Mari).

Seeing The Great Migration in Kenya – The great wildebeest migration is one of the most spectacular events in the world. Make the most of it with this quick guide. 

Nairobi National Park Visitor’s Guide – Nairobi is the only city in the world with it’s own national park. You can visit Nairobi National Park in the morning, and be home for dinner, or enjoy sundowners on the back of a jeep. Either way, we’ll show you how!

Parenting and Families

International Schools in Nairobi – Bringing your kids with you to Kenya? Make sure they get the best education possible at one of Nairobi’s premier international schools. 


The Best Things To Do in Nairobi – You don’t have to leave Nairobi to enjoy Kenya’s incredible natural beauty, diverse cultures, and unique creativity. This guide will help you discover the best Nairobi has to offer. 

Unique Date Ideas in Nairobi –  Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or its date night and you wanna spice things up, these date ideas will ensure you keep the romance alive!

The Best Events in Nairobi – There’s always something happening in Nairobi, and this list will help you find the perfect event just for you!

The Best Restaurants in Nairobi – Looking for the best brunch spot in the city? Got a craving for sumptuous burgers or exquisite sushi? Or maybe you wanna dig into great street food. We’ve got you covered!

Nairobi Facebook Groups and Meetups – Whether you wanna meet people and make friends, or you need help finding the right handyman, Facebook groups and meetups are the best way to experience Nairobi. 

Fitness and Wellbeing

Staying Fit in Nairobi – Everything you need to stay in shape, including everything from gyms and yoga to ultimate frisbee and crossfit! 

Yoga Classes in Nairobi – Let’s go a bit deeper and show you the best yoga classes happening around Nairobi every day. Gyms in Nairobi – Modern, affordable, and convenient gyms are popping up across Nairobi. We’ll show you the best in every neighbourhood so you never have to commute for a workout.

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