The 8 Best Nairobi Day Trips

One of the things I love about living in Nairobi is the bustle of the city; it energizes me. But occasionally, I need to escape the chaos. That’s where day trips from Nairobi come in.

They are excellent breaks from the noise and hustle of the city. Just a few hours away, you can enjoy a completely different experience with wildlife, hills, and even lakes.

So, is the city getting to you? Here you’ll find a list of day trips from Nairobi you can take when you need a change in scenery and activities. Best part? You won’t be traveling too far from the city.

Hells gate national park

Naivasha and Hell’s Gate

When it comes to day trips from Nairobi, Naivasha delivers. Whether it’s a road trip with friends, a romantic getaway with your partner, or even a solo trip, you’re going to find something to do here.

First up is the beautiful Lake Naivasha. Catch a boat ride, see some hippos, or chill by the lakeside. Time at the lake is guaranteed to leave you feeling rested.

You can also check out Crater Lake in Naivasha. Here, you can take walks and hikes leading into acacia forests and around the crater rim. Again, it’s a chance to take in the stunning views of surrounding escarpments.

The Crescent Island Game Park is also a favorite for many looking for day trips from Nairobi. Surrounded by water and only accessible by boat, it’s a scenic location with the bonus of interacting up close with wildlife.

Naivasha’s Hell’s Gate National Park is perfect if you are looking for an adventure to get you moving. It’s one of the few parks in Kenya where you can walk or cycle freely as you see various wildlife and marvel at the beautiful scenery.

Naivasha is just 2-3 hours away from Nairobi city so, consider it the next time you need a day trip. If you don’t know where to begin, there’s a Naivasha travel guide that will be very helpful.

rhinos in Nairobi national park dusk

Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi National Park is Kenya’s first national park and Nairobi’s treasure. As the only national park in the world located within a capital city, it is a must-try when it comes to day trips from Nairobi.

The national park has a unique setting; wildlife and green plains with the towers and buildings from Nairobi’s city center in the background!

It is fun for all ages, an adventure that feels removed from Nairobi but is technically still in the city. The park entry fees are USD 35 for non-resident adults and USD 20 for children.

Karen Blixen Museum Nairobi

Karen and Langata

Despite being just a few minutes away from Nairobi’s city center, the suburbs of Karen offer a quiet and serene experience. If you are looking for a quick escape from the city, there are plenty of activities in Karen you can check out.

My favorite activity is visiting the Giraffe Center and the David Sheldrick Elephants Orphanage nearby. You get to interact with the giraffes and elephants up close!

Karen has a bunch of malls you can shop from while you are there. Also, check out the Utamaduni Craft Center for some souvenirs, decorations, masks, and clothes. You can also learn some history and see some art pieces at the Karen Blixen Museum.

Next to Karen is Langata, which can be a fun outing for day trips from Nairobi. Here, you can visit the Bomas of Kenya to learn about and enjoy the cultures of the different tribes in Kenya.

Hiking Ngong Hills

Hiking Ngong Hills

Hiking Ngong Hills is fun and an excellent experience for you if you are into physical activities. You can make this an all-day trip from Nairobi and hike all four hills. And if that sounds intense, you can always hike one hill.

Carry a picnic and enjoy it beside the wind turbines as you take in the spectacular views. I’d recommend this as an option for day trips from Nairobi. But you should note, it can get windy and chilly, especially during the cold season.

Kareita Ziplining

Kareita Forest

As a day trip from Nairobi, Kereita has enough activities to keep you busy the whole day. It offers zip-lining, archery, mountain biking, paintballing, fly fishing, waterfall, and nature walks all in one location.

The Forest is open every day except Mondays. It, however, stays open if Monday is a public holiday.

Kereita Forest is about an hour and a half from the city.

Sagana River Rafting

Rafting on Sagana River

Are you adventurous and are looking for some adrenaline rush over the weekend? Then rafting at Sagana River will give you that fix. The wild waters of the Sagana river will leave you spent. But in a good way.

There are also campsites offering activities like camping, kayaking, river trekking, and rock climbing that you can also get into while here. The landscaping and beautifully manicured lawns are ideal for pitching tents so you can have a relaxing evening after the adrenaline-filled day.

The river and campsites are only two hours away from Nairobi, making this one of the popular day trips from Nairobi.

Mount Longonot

Hiking Mount Longonot

Hiking Mount Longonot is a full-day excursion, but it’s worth the almost two-hour drive from Nairobi. Mount Longonot is an extinct volcano that formed a crater. Something unique about it is the heavy vegetation and the numerous trees around the crater floor.

The hike has two parts: a 1–2-hour ascent to the rim and a walk around the rim for another 2-3 hours. If you are a beginner, you can do the first, but you can take on both hikes if you are looking for a challenge.  

Limuru Tea Farms

Located just an hour’s drive in the city’s outskirts is Limuru, a town known for sprawling tea plantations. Tea is one of Kenya’s main cash crops, and Limuru tea farms are one of the biggest growers.

So, take a drive and marvel at the green, lush, and picturesque tea plantations as far as the eye can see. Plenty of tea estates offer tours, so aside from visiting for leisure and the sweeping views, you can learn all about tea farming.

I’d recommend  Kiambethu farm; it’s a breathtaking farm, and they offer daily tours from 11 am.

There you go, just a few suggestions for day trips from Nairobi because while she is fantastic, sometimes you need a break. Do you have any more tips on places to visit away from the city? Please leave them in the comments below. 

What’s Your Favourite Day Trip From Nairobi?

Tell us about it in the comments and we might add it to the list for future readers!

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