Nairobi Events: The Best Things Happening every Day

Your guide to the best monthly events in Nairobi. Stay tuned as we add more events. 

[Note: due to Covid-19 restrictions, many events in Nairobi may not be running as consistently as usual. Check their social media to find out the latest schedules]

Monthly Events

Kuona Artist Collective Sato – 1st Saturday of every month 

Free Minds Sessions – Final Tuesday of every month

CheChe Sessions – 1st Sunday of every month

Weekly Events


TBC – If you know of any great Nairobi events happening on Mondays, let us know in the comments. 


Free Minds Sessions – Final Tuesday of every month

Once a month, Nairobi’s creative scene teams up with leading activists and campaigners to tackle and debate topical issues affecting all our lives. 

But, don’t worry, it’s always in a friendly, fun, and welcoming atmosphere. Which makes Free Minds Sessions easily one of the most interesting Nairobi events you can attend. 

Even better, Free Minds Sessions are hosted at Lava Latte – one of the best coffee shops in Nairobi. 

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Move & Wine @ Wine Life, Gigiri

If you’re in Gigiri, break up the week with some casual drinks and kizomba! 

Beginners are welcome to join, with lessons provided at the start of the evening. 

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Easy Wednesday @ Geco Cafe

Enjoy some great live acoustic music and delicious food in one of Nairobi’s best restaurant bars. 

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Movie Screenings @ Cheche Bookshop

CheChe Bookshop sets up an outdoor cinema in their back garden and plays a little-known, fascinating independent movie. They range from documentaries and world cinema, to art-house classics. You can buy drinks from the bookshop’s small cafe, or pick up some dumplings from Chekafe next door. 

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Acoustic Sax Appeal @ Geco Cafe

The busiest night of the week at Geco Cafe. The music sets the mood with a lively soundtrack to hang out, drink, eat, and mingle with your friends. 

It gets seriously crowded, so don’t expect to arrive past 7 pm and still get a table. 

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Salsa Socials @ ArtCaffe The Oval

Nairobi has a thriving Afro-Latin dance scene, and every Friday, dancers of every ability and style converge on ArtCaffe for an evening of dancing, drinking, and hanging out. 

The atmosphere is electric. A live band plays all the hits. People are constantly breaking out into dance. Before you know it, it’s 1 am, and you’re thoroughly exhausted. So you head to one of Westlands’ nearby clubs to keep the party going. 

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Kuona Artist Collective Sato – 1st Saturday of every month 

Kuona Artists Collective is one of the best art galleries in Nairobi. Once a month, it opens its doors to the public to celebrate arts, culture, and music. The resident artists open their workshops, displaying their pieces, food vendors sell tasty treats, and a roster of musical acts plays into the evening. 

Whether you come for the art, the music, or just to chill in the expansive gardens, the Kuona Sato is a great day out without leaving the city. 

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Acoustic Brewed Sessions @ Geco Cafe

Another night of exceptional music and food at Geco Cafe!

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Passport Experience @ The Alchemist

The best in modern house music from around the world in one of Nairobi most popular clubs. The party starts early and ends late. 

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Live Music @ Pallet Cafe Gigiri Close

Pallet Cafe’s newest location is a beautiful garden cafe that feels like you’re escaping Nairobi without leaving the city. 

And every Sunday, they host one of the city’s most exciting rising musical acts for a leisurely afternoon of music, poetry, friends, and art. 

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CheChe Sessions – 1st Sunday of every month

CheChe Book Shop is converted into a small music studio and hosts an eclectic mix of musicians. Imagine the NPR tiny desk sessions with a touch of Afro-fusion – and great coffee.

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