Nairobi Sports House: Is it Still The Best Sports Store in Nairobi?

Nairobi Sports House is one of the oldest and most popular sports stores in Nairobi. It’s been helping Kenyans achieve their fitness goals for decades. 

For a long time, Nairobi Sports House enjoyed almost total market domination in Kenya. But in recent years, numerous competitor sports stores have opened in Nairobi, providing excellent value, wide selections of products, and excellent customer service. Not to mention all the modern gyms in Nairobi that make working out at home much less appealing. 

So, after all these years in business, is Nairobi Sports House still the best place to buy fitness equipment? We’re going to take a deeper look at NSH and its competitors to find out.


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Nairobi Sports House also has two branches in Mombasa.

Nairobi Sports House Online Shop

nairobi sports house

Nairobi Sports House does have an online shop, but it’s difficult to navigate, and you can’t make a purchase directly on the website. You need to ‘request a quote’ for your desired product. 

In fact, it seems they don’t want you to actually use the site for buying sports products. The homepage directs visitors to Jumia instead.

 So, if you want to buy fitness and exercise equipment online in Kenya, skip Nairobi Sports House’s online ‘shop’ and go straight to an alternative website. 

Alternatives to Nairobi Sports House


The French sports giant has two massive stores in Nairobi (located at The Hub Karen and Two Rovers Mall), and an excellent website for buying fitness equipment online. 

Decathlon stocks ‘5,000 products for 70 sports.’ This includes everything from ballet shoes to archery kits, along with anything you need to work out at home, the gym, or the countryside. 

Prices are incredibly low compared to Nairobi Sports House, and for the most part, quality is a high standard. 

Lastly, Decathlon offers same-day delivery within Nairobi for products bought online. 


We all know what to expect from Jumia: a vast range of cheap products with very little quality control and terrible customer service. 

You can find plenty of cheap fitness equipment on Jumia, but it’s impossible to know if it’s any good until it’s arrived – which may take weeks, depending on where it’s shipped from. 

Save yourself a lot of potential headaches, and check out Decathlon’s online store first. You can easily return items you’re unhappy with, or visit a store beforehand and check the quality. 

Price Comparison

Before buying anything, it’s always good to compare the prices at different retailers. 

So, to help you understand the difference in prices between Nairobi Sports House and its competitors, I checked on their websites and, in some cases, visited a physical store.

The results are below.

Yoga Mat

Nairobi Sports House2,600+

Resistance Bands

Nairobi Sports House2,700+

Sports Shorts

Nairobi Sports House2,600+

Sports Shoes

Nairobi Sports House4,400+

The Bottom Line

Nairobi Sports House is one of the oldest sports stores in Nairobi. It’s also Kenyan-owned, which is important for many people who want to support local businesses. 

However, in recent years, Nairobi Sports House has struggled to keep up with increased competition. Its products are often expensive compared to bigger rivals, and stock is more limited. 

You might still find what you need, especially during a sale, but don’t be afraid to check out Decathlon or Jumia for similar products at much better prices. 

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