The Best Restaurants in Kilimani: 20+ Places to Eat and Drink

Which are the best restaurants in Kilimani? It’s a simple yet tricky question to answer as a lifelong Nairobian.

There’s so much to consider, the type of cuisine, price point, outdoor dining options, etc. Added to that, a restaurant scene that is constantly changing.

There are countless choices for the best restaurants in Kilimani; it’s a foodie’s paradise.

Below is a curated list of some of the best restaurants that capture the diversity of Kilimani’s offerings. 

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Ankole Grill 

Almost everyone I know who’s been there raves about the steaks. I recommend it if you are looking for a unique African steakhouse experience.

But that’s not all their menu carries. There are classic dishes and traditional African cuisine-influenced meals. From juicy burgers to fresh, wood-fired pizzas, you won’t be disappointed.

They also have an outdoor patio seating area, perfect for large groups.

Check them out for their fresh take on African dishes and Western classics like Texas BBQ and meatballs.

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Sierra Brasserie

Sierra Brasserie is synonymous with fine dining, and their delectable menu items are well worth it.

It’s one of the few combined boutique brewery and restaurant in Nairobi. Try their expertly brewed beers.

Their décor is chic and tasteful. There’s also a sun trap terrace if you want to enjoy your meals outside.

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La Terrazza

La Terrazza

La Terrazza makes it to this list of best restaurants in Kilimani for being one of Nairobi’s finest Italian restaurants.

You can look forward to authentic and flavorful Italian cuisine paired with Italian wine. Apart from that, it’s a rooftop restaurant with incredibly scenic views of the city.

You can also immerse yourself in art at the beautiful gallery located within the restaurant.

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Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant

Kilimani is home to some of the best Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurants in Nairobi. One of my favorites is Habesha.

They offer a wide array of authentic and affordable Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine.

It’s a spacious restaurant, but they also have smaller huts to sit in.

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Caffè Concerto

Caffe Concerto is an intimate restaurant with the ambiance and food of an authentic Italian Bistro.

They’ve kept their menu small, but there’s something for everyone. Try the homemade pasta and Osso Bucco.

The attention to detail in this quaint space gives it a homey yet exclusive feel.

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Mama Oliech Restaurant

Mama Oliech is a small, simple, locally owned restaurant that offers more affordable lunching and dining options.

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Kilimani to try Kenyan food, you should make your way there.

Some of the meals include fresh fish, ugali, chapati, and Kenyan traditional Kenyan vegetables.

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21 restaurant in Kilimani

Unseen Bar

Unseen Bar offers an exciting food and bar scene. When you put that combination on a rooftop with epic views, you have one of the best restaurants in Kilimani.

They describe themselves as a place for film, food, and a view. They have a theatre film where they screen different films every month. It holds at most 30 people, so you’ll enjoy it if you do not like the fully packed traditional theatres.

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Geco Café

From the outside, Geco Café doesn’t look like much. It doesn’t help that it’s tucked away in the corner of a car wash. But if you look past this, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Geco Cafe is a charming and cozy restaurant. They are known for their pizza and weekly live music concerts.

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Kesh Kesh

Kesh Kesh makes it on this list of best restaurants in Kilimani for so many reasons. First, I think it’s one of the best coffee joints in Nairobi.

 Second, they have authentic, delicious Eritrean and Ethiopian food. Third, there is plenty of space indoors and on the outdoor terrace.

 I could go on and on, but I think it’s better if you check them out for yourself. 

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Pete’s Cafe

Pete’s Cafe is a restaurant and coffee shop in Kilimani.

They are famous for their delicious breakfast burritos and various multi-cuisine dishes.

I would describe their décor as upscale, but their color choices give the restaurant a warm and cozy feel.

You can sit indoors or in the garden. It’s a perfect spot for a date, family day out, or even a business meeting.

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Nyumbani Fish Restaurant

Nyumbani restaurant sits in a beautiful garden in Kilimani. They are known for their authentic African delicacies like traditionally prepared chicken and Kenyan favorites like chapati and ugali.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, they have many more classic dishes on their menu.

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Mama Rocks

I am obsessed with the African-inspired and flavor-packed burgers at Mama Rocks. They are that good!

The founders- two Nigerian sisters- started this fantastic restaurant to bring all the flavors of Africa together in a new and exciting way. And boy have they done it!

You can enjoy hand-crafted gourmet burgers, wings, fries, cocktails, milkshakes, and artisan ice creams here.

The vibes are also immaculate, with their laid-back décor and open-plan seating. It’s a great place to chill with friends over good food. 

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Two Grapes

Coralie and Monique, the founders of Two Grapes, started it as a wine bar. Although the wide range of wine is the highlight; It’s become so much more now.

This vibrant Kilimani restaurant is the ultimate spot to enjoy the joys of good food, great wine, and beautiful conversations.

They also host different events throughout the week like salsa nights, live acoustic music, and stand-up open mic. Go for a drink or a meal, but stay for the experience. 

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Hephie’s Cloud Kitchen

Hephie’s Cloud Kitchen is a Kenyan delivery-only and drive-through restaurant. They set out to infuse African cuisines and culture with technology and extreme customer experience.

They’ve now created a technology company that serves a wide variety of African meals. Try their Nigerian cuisine Jollof rice with plantain or Akara (Nigerian bean fritters).

You can order from them through most of the food delivery services in Kenya like Glovo and Jumia Food.

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Cedars Restaurant

If you love Lebanese cuisine, Cedars Restaurant has some of the best offerings in the city. The Kilimani branch has been in business for over twenty years; a trip there will show you why.

Indulge in the best of Lebanese cuisine and continental dishes. You’ll have plenty of choices in their traditional Lebanese Mezze. It consists of up to 24 mouth-watering dishes.

In addition, they also have outdoor seating and a children’s playground to keep them entertained, so your dining experience is more relaxed and enjoyable.

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Mezze on the Deck

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors heavily influence the menu at Mezze On The Deck. The Mediterranean food with mezze platters is the highlight at this Kilimani restaurant.

But Nairobians also love it for the incredible views of the city skyline, ambiance, and fantastic bar service.

Go and enjoy the fantastic food over your favorite alcoholic or nonalcoholic by the poolside.

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Pablos is a fine dining restaurant at the Best Western hotel in Hurlighum. They have an extensive menu with International, European, Asian, and local cuisines.

From its sleek interiors to a menu filled with flavorful dishes, it’s sure to be a highlight.

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Five Senses Restaurant

Five Senses restaurant is a family-run French fine dining restaurant. They’re perfect for haute cuisine.

They appeal to guests’ sense of smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight through their contemporary décor, background jazz, and fantastic food and wine pairings.

I recommend it if you want a quiet, relaxed dining experience.

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Oro Restaurant and Lounge

At Oro Restaurant, you have the option of an outdoor BBQ Lounge or fine indoor dining. Its elegant, clean, serene and quiet atmosphere is the perfect escape from the busy and loud city.

It’s one of the best restaurants in Kilimani where you can hold meetings or work over delicious food.

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Shokudo Japanese Restaurant

The highlight of Shokudo is their gyoza dumplings and Japanese curry and their Japanese cuisine ingredients specialty store.

They are a cozy café with a chill and laid-back atmosphere and an extensive menu that makes them one of the best Japanese restaurants in Nairobi.

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Final Thoughts

These are just some of the best restaurants in Kilimani. That said, I recognize this list may be subjective, and the restaurant scene in Nairobi is constantly changing.

So, if you have a favorite restaurant in Kilimani that I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to leave a comment below.

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