Salsa in Nairobi: The Best Socials and Classes to Join in 2022

Salsa is hugely popular in Nairobi, along with bachata, kizomba, and every other style of Afro-Latin dance. 

Every night of the week (except maybe Monday), you’ll find plenty of socials and classes to join. It doesn’t matter if you think you’ve got two left feet, or you were dancing before you were walking. It’s always a fun, welcoming environment, a great way to meet people, and a nice change from noisy, crowded clubs or boring nights at home. 

So, wear some comfortable shoes and get ready to dance!

Nairobi Salsa Facebook Community

The Nairobi Salsa Facebook Community is your one-stop shop for salsa news in the city. Various dance schools and socials post their events, courses, etc. throughout the week. You can also ask over 4,000 Nairobians anything related to Afro-Latin dance in the city. 


We’re not aware of any dance socials or classes happening on Mondays, but we’ll update this list when that changes. You can also share any events or classes in the comments below.


Brew Bistro Salsa Tuesday

Brew Bistro

The week kicks off every Tuesday at Brew Bistro in Westlands. 

There’s a bachata workshop for beginners and happy hour from 4 – 7 pm. 

This is usually much quieter than socials later in the week and attracts mostly more seriously skilled dancers. But the atmosphere is upbeat and fun, and I promise no one will laugh, even if you fumble a little. 


Brew Bistro Ngong Rd.

Brew Bistro Salsa Wednesday
  • Location: Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd
  • Classes/Workshops: 6 pm – 7 pm | Salsa Class
  • Price: Kshs 1000 pre-registration
  • Social Dancing: 6.00 pm – Till Late
  • Phone number: 254 705 466 836 / +254 736 568 610
  • Social media: Facebook; Instagram

All Nairobians know that Saturdays are for the boys and Wednesdays are for the ladies. That’s why Brew Bistro Ngong Rd. offers a one-hour salsa class accompanied by discounted Havana cocktails for the ladies. A team of professional salsa instructors heads the classes, and within a few sessions, you’ll notice the growth in your skills. Brew Bistro is located 5 minutes away from Junction Mall.

Oysters and More

Oysters and More Salsa Wednesday

In the heart of Village Market lies a hidden gem that serves delicious food and delightful tunes. Oysters and More has enough space for social dancing while maintaining a chic restaurant feel. So don’t be put off by its setting in the middle of a shopping mall.

So grab a plate of Oysters and join your fellow salsa lovers, and by the end of the night, you’ll have made a friend or two.

Salsa Afrique 

Salsa Afrique

Salsa Afrique is a great after-work hangout place found on one of Nairobi CBD’s busiest streets, Koinange street. They have a cool vibe, and their Salsa, Kizomba, and Bachata classes are affordable. The early start at 4 pm gives you plenty of time to practice before you go out on the dance floor later that night!


Kizomba After Work

Kizomba After Work

If you’re close to Upper Hill and need to shake off the office, check out Kizomba After Work. 

As the name suggests, the focus here is on kizomba. But during the social dance, the DJ will drop some salsa and bachata, too. 

Feel free to invite a coworker for happy hour cocktails and dance the day’s stress away.

Nairobi Street Kitchen

Nairobi Street Kitchen Salsa
  • Location: Mpaka road, Westlands
  • Classes/Workshops: Cuban salsa
  • Price: Kshs 1000 per person 
  • Social dancing: Free, 7:00 pm- Late
  • Phone number: + 254 726 148 780
  • Social media: FacebookInstagram

Thursdays at Nairobi Street Kitchen are always the biggest night of the week for salsa in Nairobi. 

Sometimes, it feels like the whole community is here! If you’re a beginner or just passing through Nairobi for a few days, This is the best place to get a taste of the Afro-Latin dance scene in the city. 

While most people start to filter out by 10.30, you can happily stay here well past midnight, and then head to one of the nearby nightclubs in Westlands to keep the party going.


Havana Meets Nairobi

Sankara Havana Nights Salsa

Thank God it’s Friday. Instead of blowing off your ears in a crowded bar in Nairobi, why don’t you relax and enjoy some Cuban salsa in one of Nairobi’s nicest bars? 

DJ D Cure Ke invites you to enjoy the best Cuban Salsa with a hint of Bachata and Kizomba. Enjoy some stargazing and drinks with friends on the Sankara rooftop, as you take a break between dances and catch up with friends after a long week. 


Sip and Dance

Sip and Dance Salsa

Every 2nd Saturday of the month, Jos and Sophie host an incredible evening of dance at 2 Grapes, one of the nicest restaurants in Kilimani.

The intimate, laid-back soaking is perfect for getting in the mood to dance, or just hanging out and soaking up the atmosphere. 

Sip and Dance start earlier than most events, so you can come in the afternoon before it gets busy, stick around for a few hours, and head to the next late-night venue. Or just go home – we won’t judge. 


Oysters and More

Oysters and More Salsa Sunday

Oysters and More have another Latin Social Sunday edition for those who can’t make it on Wednesday nights. Although the entrance fee is Kshs 700, you can redeem it for food or drinks. 

It’s a great way to end the weekend with some relaxed drinks, catching up with friends (or making new ones), and doing a little dancing. 

4-Week Dance Courses

Dance Factory Kenya

Dance Factory Salsa

The Dance Factory Kenya hosts 4 week long courses in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and many other styles of dance throughout the year. Classes are usually held in the evening, so you can join after work. 

This is a great opportunity to try dancing out for the first time, to advance a few steps, or to get comfortable dancing with a lot of new partners.

2-Month Dance Classes

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗞𝗶𝘇𝗼𝗺𝗯𝗮 𝗗𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗰𝘁

Kizomba District Salsa
  • Location: Kenya National Theater
  • Classes/Workshops: Salsa (6 pm – 7 pm), Kizomba (7 pm – 8 pm)
  • Price: Kshs 8,000 for the entire course of 16 classes
  • Phone number: +254 712 903 338
  • Social media: Facebook; Instagram

The Kizomba District is a Nairobi-based cultural community and dance classes event company. They host Salsa and Kizomba classes split into 3 levels:

  • Level 1 for beginners and level 2 have their classes together on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Level 3, which you have to qualify for after completing levels 1 and 2, has its classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

October 2022 class registration is ongoing with a 50% discount. Head over to their Facebook page to register.

Private Teachers

If you prefer private dance classes, these tutors can help you take your salsa skills to the next level.

Jos Lyon (+254 716 967 036)

  • Location: Parklands near City park drive
  • Classes: Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba
  • Meeting days: Flexible according to your schedule
  • Price: Kshs 2,200 per session or Kshs 16,600 for a two months course

Marian Munga (+254 726 148 780)

  • Location: Dance Center Kenya in Lavington; home classes available
  • Classes: Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba
  • Meeting days: Flexible according to your schedule
  • Price: Kshs 4,000 per session or 36,000 for 10 sessions

Final Thoughts

I’ve met many people who took up Salsa as a way of staying fit in Nairobi and ended up loving the dance. If this is your story, join the Facebook community to learn more places where you can dance salsa in Nairobi. Feel free to browse our website for more informational posts like the Westlands Neighborhood Guide.

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